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HOWTO: setup a PXE Server with dnsmasq

To setup a PXE server with dnsmasq is really simple the second time 🙂 This is how I did mine on Ubuntu 12.04, but it should be similar on most Linux distros and versions.

Setup dnsmasq so it is providing DNS and DHCP first. See my How to setup dnsmasq for DNS and DHCP.

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HOWTO:Mount an ISO

This is so easy, the second time :-)!

You will need somewhere to mount the ISO. If you are expecting to do this more than once then create a specific ISO directory.

sudo mkdir -p /media/iso

Now you can mount the iso,

sudo mount -o loop /path/to/your.iso /media/iso

To access the iso image simply cd or access /media/iso which is now the root of your image.

When you are all done you can umount the image with

sudo umount /media/iso

HOWTO: Setup dnsmasq as DNS DHCP

This post will explain how to Setup dnsmasq as DNS DHCP.

What is Dnsmaq

This description of dnsmasq shamelessly taken from the dnsmasq home page.

dnsmasq is a lightweight DNS, TFTP, PXE, router advertisement and DHCP server. It is intended to provide coupled DNS and DHCP service to a LAN.

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HOWTO To Change The Hostname

So for whatever reason you need to change the hostname of your GNU Linux machine. For me this is usually because I am playing around with a virtual machine. I have automated the setup for a number machine installations. Once I have it running and configured I may want to keep, so changing it’s name is a nice thing to do.

Check your hostname is set to something and no errors are returned. The commands below will return the host name with and without the domain.

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Brief crisp keyboard mappings for Gvim

I have been using the text editor Brief or it’s offspring for over 20 years now. 🙂 So I am very familiar with Brief crisp keyboard mappings and wanted to continue usibg them with Gvim. This all came about because when I changed companies they didn’t have any licenses for it or any editors like it. So after a quick search on the net I found a set of macros that almost did what I wanted them to do. They are very old and the key mappings are incomplete.

The down loadable file below is the result of my tweaking and additions.

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HOWTO:Reinstall Grub2 on Ubuntu

You will, not might, need this at some point in time. It will happen to you. :) When you find that grub2 is no longer on your MBR so the system will not boot or even find grub. For example you installed Windows, dumb move, but heh! You may also have cloned the hard disk and forgot to copy the MBR.

This will get you back up and running again!

You will need an Ubuntu LIVE cd or Desktop for your current install. Boot the system with Live cd. Once booted open a terminal.

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