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Ubuntu 16.04 Mirror on a Synology Diskstation

Creating Ubuntu 16.04 Mirror on a Synology Diskstation

I am constantly installing Ubuntu with various configurations. I find having a local Ubuntu 16.04 Mirror on a Synology Diskstation speeds up the installation and updates, making the time spent setting it up well worth while.

Backup your diskstation before doing anything else, just in case.

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Test Networking Lab Ubuntu On 16.04

Test Networking Lab Ubuntu on 16.04


I wanted to create a test networking lab Ubuntu on 16.04 for trying out configurations without having to hack my real LAN about. I decided to use VirtualBox virtual machines as they are freely available and work with Linux and you can also use MS Windows guests. The network in the test networking lab Ubuntu on 16.04 will need to separate from our own normal LAN. VirtualBox provides this out of the box. We simply set the network interfaces to us “Internal Network”. This way only VM’s on the host can see each other.

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Ubuntu 16.04 Minimal Server Install.

This post will, quickly, run through how to create a Minimal Server Install using Ubuntu 16.04. It also only takes a short time, taking between 7 to 20 minutes to install depending on your hardware and the number of times you have run through it. I find it an ideal way to try out and learn how to install Ubuntu in various configurations. I also use a virtual machine running on Virtualbox as this allows me to throw it away without messing about with real hardware.

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Installing LDAP on Ubuntu 18.04

This post will run through Installing LDAP on Ubuntu 18.04. Allowing you to authenticate users via LDAP. As well as setting up thier Linux groups. You will need a server or desktop install to begin with. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a network protocol for accessing and manipulating information stored in a directory.

This HOWTO also works on a Raspberry PI 3 running the Ubuntu MATE image!

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