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DNS with bind9 and DHCP on Ubuntu 16.04

This post will show you how to install DNS with bind9 and DHCP on Ubuntu 16.04. We will end up with a full blown bind9 DNS with an integrated DHCP server. If you are a home user and your network has grown such that you are tired of using all static IP addresses and having to configure the /etc/hosts files by hand, then use the great tool dnsmasq. See my How to set up dnsmasq. Dnsmasq is so much simpler to setup and maintain than bind9, you should think about using it.

DNS with bind9 and DHCP on Ubuntu 16.04 also works on a Raspberry PI 3 running the Ubuntu Image.

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Tweaking Ubuntu and MATE after an install

I do not like Gnome 3! As for Cinnamon, the configuration mechanism for the desktop panels eludes me, I cannot set the panels to be how I want them they have to be how the cinamon developer wants them. So I use MATE.

There are a number of things that I change because I like them a different way to the developers. I can change them to how I like so not too much of a problem. This post is so I have it written down somewhere and it’s easy to copy and paste to the new install.

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