Tweaking Ubuntu and MATE after an install

I do not like Gnome 3! As for Cinnamon, the configuration mechanism for the desktop panels eludes me, I cannot set the panels to be how I want them they have to be how the cinamon developer wants them. So I use MATE.

There are a number of things that I change because I like them a different way to the developers. I can change them to how I like so not too much of a problem. This post is so I have it written down somewhere and it’s easy to copy and paste to the new install.

After installing Ubuntu Desktop, MATE is installed with

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get --assume-yes install mate-archive-keyring
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get --assume-yes install mate-core mate-desktop-environment

Then logout no need to reboot.

Next to the login name you will see the Ubuntu logo it looks like a weird keyhole. Click it and you will see a choice of available desktops. Select MATE or the one you want. If that is not MATE why the hell are you reading this? :p

One continuing annoyance is that the setting where the desktop icons are stored and configured keeps changing. At the time of writing this we were at MATE 1.6 and they are now set and viewed with gsettings.

gsettings list-keys org.mate.caja.desktop
gsettings set org.mate.caja.desktop home-icon-visible false
gsettings set org.mate.caja.desktop computer-icon-visible false
gsettings set org.mate.caja.desktop trash-icon-visible false

There is also no way to change edit the menus from the initial installation. You need to install the app call mozo. Why its not already install is beyond me.

sudo apt-get install mozo

Once installed you will see a new icon in the System->Preferences menu called Main Menu.

4 thoughts on “Tweaking Ubuntu and MATE after an install

  1. Guido

    Hi and thank you for your help!
    It worked perfectly on my UbuntuMATE 12.04.
    I do have only 1 icon I was not able to take it off, my USB Dongle Icon. TIM ONDA (a prepaid Internet stick).
    I did apply gsettings set org.mate.caja.desktop network-icon-visible false
    No luck!, Please, any help?
    Thanks a lot!!!

  2. quixote

    I can’t believe how convoluted getting rid of home and computer desktop icons is in Mate / caja desktop. You have saved my sanity!

    Minor tip re editing Main Menu: if you right-click on the panel icon that opens up the main menu, one of the choices is “Edit Menu”. Another silly, convoluted, bass ackwards thing that should be easy.

    [Added when I moved over to WordPress]

    1. Richard Post author

      I agree it is unnecessarily difficult to do what at first sight is a really simple thing. But considering how good MATE is and if this is the only problem you are having the guys releasing it are doing a damn good job!


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