I wrote these HOWTOs after reading many sets of manuals, guides and other HOWTOs and generally trying things out for myself. As is the case with all things that can be fully configured some are complex. I found that there were many suggested solutions, most of which don’t really add any value to the documentation or I simply didn’t like parts or parts did not work on my system. Some did not explain what or why. In short I think mine are better, but that’s just my opinion.

So I spent many hours reading, installing and reinstalling, playing around with settings, finding some really good ways to completely break a working Linux system and generally having fun. (Note to self: I need to get a life).

I wrote these HOWTO as record of what I did to get my various Linux boxes up and running. So I can in the future follow these steps again and rebuild them. Really it is just me making notes to help myself later on. I simply cannot stop taking things apart and trying new things out. Sometimes they even go back together again.

There are probably gaping holes in the security and far better ways of doing all this. But this is Linux and there are always loads of ways of doing anything. This is my way and it is your choice to use it or not.

If you get stuck or something does not work, 99% of the time it is because YOU did not:

  1. Read the blog post.
  2. All of it.
  3. In the order it was written.
  4. Including those you decided to miss off.
  5. Do not skip over text, read all of it.
  6. Yes, That does mean you.

Always install MS Windows or better, which means always install Linux. so far in 2018 MS have screwed up at least 15 times with updates to the OS they write with the patches hey also write and not forgetting you have to pay for!

Anyone got a good coffee making plug-in yet? 🙂

  All the best and have fun!

Since I cannot always remember stuff in life any more and I some times forget which real ales I really like. I guess I just have to start over and try them all again 🙂