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Training to stats, Str Int Wis dex Con and Luck

Training your stats can be a pain using the standard mud commands. I found the following MUCHClient alias will not only speed up the process but also helped me do it without as many mistakes.

This is how it works. The train command gets a new way for you to say what you want trained and how many times. I’ll will use examples to explain.

Okay you have just leveled and received 3 trains for the level. You want to train int, wis and luck. Using MUD commands you would use

train int
train wis
train luck

Using this alias you just use the initial letter of each stat to train it. i=int, w=wis, l=luck. You get the idea. To train all three you can use.

train iwl

They will also be trained up in the order you place them from left to right.

Next time you level you get lucky and get 8 trains. Now you want to bring up all your stats and then Luck, Int and Dex again if you have enough trains. So without doing any maths 🙂

train sdcliwliw

This will actually try to do as you wanted, but you did not have enough trains for the last Wis. But all the others are trained as expected.

Now say you forgot to train for a few levels and can train up all your stats 3 times, that is still painful with the MUD commands. But look how easy it is now, just stick a number on the end and it will try and repeat the training process on the stats you put on the command line 3 times and in the order you give them.

train ilwsdc 3

The part you really want, the alias.

Alias: train\s+([siwdcl]+)(?:\s+(\d*))?$

local stats = string.lower("%1")
local len = string.len(stats)
local total = 1
local lookup = {['s'] = 'str', ['i'] = 'int', ['w'] = 'wis',
['d'] = 'dex', ['c'] = 'con', ['l'] = 'luck',}

if "%2" ~= "" then
total = tonumber("%2")

for i = 1, len, 1 do
local st = string.sub(stats, i, i)
if lookup[st] ~= nil then
Send("train "" "..lookup[st])


In the Send to drop down select Script.

Make sure that the following boxes are ticked on the right hand side. Enabled, Ignore case and regular expression.

A screen shot of what it should look like.

Training to stats, Str Int Wis dex Con and Luck

Any problems send Zaf a tell.