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Installing and Configuring Zentyal 3.3 on Ubuntu 12.04-LTS

While sorting out this HOWTO and learning how to setup Zentyal I used my Network lab, See how to set up your own. If you do use this then remember to turn of the DHCP server in the router if you intend to use the DHCP server within the Zentyal server.

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Setup a Test Lab With VirtualBox, depreciated

I found a much simper way to do this! See my updated blog post Setup a Test Networking Lab With VirtualBox

I’m always playing around with new IT technology. Up until recently I just did it with VirtualBox on my PC’s and messed with the network and then cleared up the mess afterwards. This was not good, not to mention a waste of time when I could be playing around with the next new shiny bit of tech or software.

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HOWTO send a refresh to a DHCP server

At some point you will need to refresh the lease on a network card, NIC, by sending a refresh command to your DHCP server.

To send the release to the DHCP client use the following. remember this will remember this will effectively turn off your network connection. If you are connected remotely you may loose your connection.

sudo dhclient -r

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