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Test Networking Lab Ubuntu On 16.04

Test Networking Lab Ubuntu on 16.04


I wanted to create a test networking lab Ubuntu on 16.04 for trying out configurations without having to hack my real LAN about. I decided to use VirtualBox virtual machines as they are freely available and work with Linux and you can also use MS Windows guests. The network in the test networking lab Ubuntu on 16.04 will need to separate from our own normal LAN. VirtualBox provides this out of the box. We simply set the network interfaces to us “Internal Network”. This way only VM’s on the host can see each other.

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Installing and Configuring Zentyal 3.3 on Ubuntu 12.04-LTS Part 2

Welcome to part two of my Zentyal howto. If you missed part 1, you can see it here. it covers the initial configuration installation and getting the network up and usable.

In part two we will be setting up

  • Users
  • Groups
  • File sharing
    • Limited access File sharing
  • Adding machines to the domain.
    • Windows
    • Linux
  • Backing up the Zentyal configuration
  • AND Restoring the Zentyal configuration
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    Setup a Test Lab With VirtualBox, depreciated

    I found a much simper way to do this! See my updated blog post Setup a Test Networking Lab With VirtualBox

    I’m always playing around with new IT technology. Up until recently I just did it with VirtualBox on my PC’s and messed with the network and then cleared up the mess afterwards. This was not good, not to mention a waste of time when I could be playing around with the next new shiny bit of tech or software.

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