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Add Ubuntu 14.04 to Samba or MS AD Domain [Depreciated]

I no longer use the crippled PBIS software, I use the native Linux software which gives far better functionality.

A better way of Joining an Ubuntu Machine to Samba with Winbind

This was the third part of a series of howtos showing how to setup and use Samba4 as a drop in for MS Active Directory Server. The first part Samba4 AD DC on Ubuntu 14.04 is here. The second part in this series take a look at Administering AD DC via Windows.

In this part we will connect a Linux machine to the domain and then login with users configured with Active Directory. Therefore domain users will always have the same UID and GIDs regardless of the machine they log into.

Active Domain details

  • AD DC host: lab-addc1.dragon.lab
  • ip address:
  • Domain: BLACK
  • netbios name:LAB-ADDC1

To create desktops I used my normal install method, starting with a minimal server and then adding MATE and other packages as required.

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