5 thoughts on “Ubuntu minimal Install with MATE as the Desktop 12.04 LTS

    1. D. Rimron-Soutter

      ( and mate-desktop expects xterm to be installed for the GUI terms, and is not installed as part of this packageset, so probably worth grabbing that by hand if you want to be able to use X at all 🙂 )

      1. Richard Post author

        Your comment about not being able to use X at all if xterm is missing is completely and utterly wrong!
        Not having xterm only affects a few minor automated processes such as when auto running the CD with VBox tools, without xterm this will not run correctly. I have never found that to be a problem as it is simple to mount and run the tools yourself.

        Remember this is a minimal install after all.

  1. Greg

    I found mentions of MATE elsewhere, and then found your instructions when searching for more information. Your instructions were very helpful, and I love MATE. It is as clean and simple as GNOME and UBUNTU used to be.

    I like your method of installing the server first and have used this approach with LUBUNTU as well. I find it helpful because using the unetbootin installer for the UBUNTU server gives me lots of options for disk provisioning, such as using mdadm raids or iscsi. I have a some diskless workstations that have a 1GB flash drive, which wasn’t enough for most things. Instead of the hassle of setting up PXE environment, using the unetbootin installer for the UBUNTU server lets me use the flash for boot and swap, then put the rest of the OS on the iSCSI drive on my home server. With a large LCD display, these make great media stations where I want a small quiet system for music, movies, etc.

    I had tried LUBUNTU and XUBUNTU, but MATE added on top of the server install is just what I’ve looked for since Unity began turning useful machines into zombies. MATE runs nicely on these small diskless media PCs as well as my 4 TeraFlop cluster, which has 96 AMD 2.5 GHz CPU cores and 960 NVIDIA GPU cores .

    I hope that as MATE matures, we might see an mUbuntu using MATE.


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