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Simple anti-spam Measure for Email

I use a very simple system with my incoming email addresses that reduce spam to almost zero.

If you have your own domain or if your ISP allows you to setup aliases/forwrding to your real email address it is simple.

Whenever you deal with a new company, set-up a new email address. Whenever you have to open an account with a company say its called spammers inc. 🙂 After all most, if not all companies only want your details to spam you with marketing or pass your details on for a profit. Anyway, create a forwarding address to your real email address called from_spammers_inc@yourdomain.co.uk If you later start to get junk mail from anyone other than spammers inc on that address you know they have passed your email address on.

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Installing and Configuring Zentyal 3.3 on Ubuntu 12.04-LTS Part 3

Welcome to part three. If you missed part 1, Initial installation and configuration you can see it here. The second part setting up users and domains is here

In part three we will be setting up

  • Email
  • Securing Web Based Email
  • Anti-Spam/Virus Measures
  • Grey Listing

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Installing a Mailserver on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Part 1


Why I wrote this.

I wrote this HOWTO after following many other HOWTOs for Postfix and Exim and finding that parts did not work or did not explain how things worked. In short I spent many hours installing and reinstalling, playing around with settings and generally having fun. (I need to get a life) I wrote this HOWTO as record of what I did to get my own mail server up and running. I can now and in the future follow these steps again and rebuild my own mail server. I hope it is of use to others too.

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